Kharkiv developers have created the reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called Sirko. It protects the operator from tracking.

Sirko is a fixed-wing tactical reconnaissance aircraft or UAV. It provides intelligence at a distance of up to 30 kilometers.

The company Skyassist worked on the drone. Skyassist’s representative, Ihor Krynychko, notes that Sirko is the company’s first product.

Sirko reconnaissance aircraft / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

The main indicators of the Sirko UAV:

  • Wing span — 93 cm;
  • Weight — 1.5 kg;
  • The maximum distance that the device can travel is up to 130-140 km;
  • It can be in the air for about an hour and a half.

The idea of creating a drone appeared in March 2022. The first results of the studies came in October. Then the Sirko prototype was made, and today the new aircraft is ready to work. “What was a fantasy in March has become a reality today,” says Krynychko.

Ihor Krynychko talks about the new development / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

The developers set themselves the task of making the drone inconspicuous, cheap, and mass-produced so that a damaged device could be easily replaced. “So that the soldier is not afraid of losing the device and always has the opportunity to replace it.” Therefore, today the price of one plane is $3000. It is not higher than the cost of the Mavik UAV [DJI Mavic drones are used in 2023 by Ukrainian forces in the fighting – ed.].

Drone launch process / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

The drone is small and almost invisible due to its color. But the most significant advantage is that the device can fly without a radio signal. What does it mean?

“Usually, a drone can be seen either with your own eyes or through radio waves. In our case, the drone can work in two modes. The first is radio silence mode. That is, all devices are turned off, and Sirko can conduct reconnaissance without any radiation. The operator sets the flight route, after which reconnaissance is carried out with the recording of information on the on-board device,” the company representative explains.

Such an effect was also achieved thanks to the material from which the drone is made. It is 90% made of polymeric radio-transparent materials.

Drone launch process / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

The second mode of operation is open. That is, it includes an online connection and the possibility of managing the device. In this case, radiation occurs, but the developers equipped the drone with special encryption systems. Moreover, one of the advantages of Sirko is that it can be controlled at a distance of up to 25 kilometers, which protects operators from tracking.

Drone launch process / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

Moreover, the company has a school where they teach how to fly a drone for free. The company’s representative says that thanks to the automation of the drone, it is elementary to learn to perform combat tasks on this aircraft.

Sirko is launched using a rubber band catapult. That is, the rubber band gives the first speed at which sufficient lifting force appears. “You can do it yourself; some models are started by hand. However, this requires skills. And with our scheme, anyone can make a launch.”

Launching a drone using a rubber catapult / Photo: Oleksandr Magula, Gwara Media

Why “Sirko”?

“Sirko is a famous Cossack from Kharkiv. He is famous for not losing a single battle in his life. We also believe that the Ukrainian defenders will not lose a single battle together with our aircraft,” shared Ihor Krynychko.

Next, the company plans to develop a drone-based strike system.

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by Daria Lobanok

translated by Tetiana Fram

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