The Russian occupiers have damaged 713 educational institutions in Kharkiv region. In particular, 335 schools were demolished.

Source: Kharkiv Regional State Administration reported this in response to a request for access to public information from Gwara Media.

As of May 24, the administration provided the following information:

  • 19 kindergartens were destroyed and 246 damaged;
  • 45 schools were destroyed and 290 damaged;
  • 23 institutions of higher and postgraduate pedagogical education were damaged.

Shelters at Kharkiv schools

The shelters at Kharkiv education institutions have not been reconstructed. In addition, no funds have been allocated for this. According to the Department of Education of the Kharkiv City Council, 86 shelters in Kharkiv schools need to be repaired. However, design and estimate documentation for this was not created due to lack of funds.

The cost of arranging shelters in the city’s educational institutions is estimated at UAH 6 billion. According to Oleksiy Lytvynov, director of the Department of Science and Education at Kharkiv Regional State Administration, the state and the regional budget do not have the financial capacity to provide such funds.

Options for assistance from international partners and foreign donors are also being considered. This year, the state has allocated UAH 224 million to construct shelters in Kharkiv region.

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