Veteran Hub launches Resex, a platform for injured Ukrainian defenders. The initiative aims to help soldiers and veterans restore their relationship with their bodies and transform trauma into new sexual experiences.

The Resex platform contains guides for men and women created by the Veteran Hub. The materials are based on the hub team’s research on sexuality after wartime trauma.

“We are sure that sex is a pleasure for everyone, without limits, boundaries, or prejudices. Sex can be as sensual, passionate, intense, and varied for a person with an injury or amputation as any other.

Regardless of the type of injury, everyone can experience, feel and enjoy sex. Just make love. We incorporated this idea into the campaign videos, the main characters of which are soldiers with injuries,” Veteran Hub writes.

On the Resex platform, every male or female defender of Ukraine can safely receive information that will help them feel their sexuality and learn how to get pleasure in a new way.

The project is implemented with the support of Switzerland and the Eastern Europe Foundation.

Veteran Hub supports defenders and their relatives. The organization has provided veterans and soldiers’ families with constant advice from psychologists, lawyers, and job search consultants for over four years.

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