Kharkiv city and oblast latest: international help and local infrastructure restoration.

  • Kharkiv Mayor Terekhov: street lights will be restored for more than 20 pedestrian crossings in the city. All street lights will not be turned on yet for safety reasons. According to the Mayor, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permission from the military. Kharkiv streets have remained dark due to security reasons since the beginning of the full-scale war.
  • On Feb. 28, the Engel family from Luxembourg handed over the generator with a capacity of 150 kilowatts for the needs of Kharkiv Oblast residents. “Association of Ukrainians in Luxembourg” had supported the region since the beginning of the full-scale military invasion, noted Kharkiv Governor.
  • Heating Networks received gas generators for the autonomous operation of boiler houses. The city has already received three out of five generators. They were handed over as part of the project “Integrated development of cities in Ukraine II”, implemented by the German society for international cooperation GIZ.
  • Electricity supply has been restored in two settlements in the Zolochiv community in Kharkiv Oblast. Energy supply company KharkivOblenergo specialists “had to work almost secretly, without any special equipment not to attract the attention of Russians. They climbed the poles of the power transmission lines using the climbing gaffs.”
  • Electricity supply has been fully restored in Velyka Danyivka, a residential area near the Northern Saltivka neighborhood in Kharkiv. Russians destroyed a local transformer substation in the first days of the full-scale war.
  • Road workers developed restoration projects for 24 bridges in Kharkiv Oblast, which were destroyed during hostilities. Currently, 18 temporary crossings are functioning in the liberated Kharkiv Oblast to bypass the destroyed bridges, and traffic has been restored on one artificial structure.

Earlier, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko visited Kharkiv city and oblast.

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