The journalists emphasize that these are only those whose names and burial places have been identified from open sources, and the actual number of casualties may be several times more.

The number of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine has exceeded 31,000, according to the BBC and Mediazone, which jointly count the casualties.

As of September 8, there are 31,665 known deaths. 3,534 of them were mobilized. Prisoners continue to be the largest category of casualties, but the growth in their number is slowing compared to the first half of the year.

Most funerals are held in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Rostov regions of Russia, Bashkiria and Buryatia. Many death reports from Krasnodar Krai and Moscow Oblast are explained, among other things, by the fact that volunteers there go around cemeteries and take pictures of military graves, which means that more casualties are made public.

The researchers are counting the number of casualties based on open sources – reports from local administrations, the media, and relatives of the victims, as well as data from cemeteries. They believe the actual number of casualties could be at least two to two and a half times higher. For example, at the end of May this year, a calculation by Mediazona and Medusa showed the number of people killed in the war to be 47,000. The journalists obtained this number based on data on excessive mortality among men of fighting age in Russia.

Since the previous report on August 25, 967 names have been added to the list.

May be relevant

Up to 100 torture cases with 700 victims are being investigated in Kharkiv Oblast – Prosecutor General.

“We didn’t find genocide in Ukraine,” UN Commissioner Erik Møse. He added in Kyiv that there is still no consensus on whether genocide occurs in the country.