People who were injured in the Russian missile strike on the Nova Poshta post service terminal on October 21 in Korotych are still being treated in healthcare facilities in Kharkiv Oblast. All injured people are men aged from 18 to 48. 

Kharkiv regional military administration reported on this on October 23. 

“Seven people have severe injuries, five of them are in ICU. Two [injured people] are in extremely difficult condition; they are breathing through ventilators. Everyone is getting the medical care they need,” the KRMA informs.

Missile strike on Nova Poshta post terminal 

Around 22:13 on October 21, the Russian Federation attacked the Nova Poshta post service terminal in Kharkiv Oblast with a missile strike. According to the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleh Syniehubov, six people died in a strike, and 16 were hospitalized with injuries. All people who died or were injured were employees of the postal company. They were inside the terminal when the missile hit. 

Seven people have severe injuries; another seven have moderate ones. According to Syniehubov, these are shrapnel injuries and explosive wounds. 

Serhii Bolvinov, head of the Investigation Department of the Main Department of National Police in Kharkiv Oblast, noted that two out of six people who died had been burned so much that [forensic team, — ed.] needed to run DNK tests to identify the bodies. 

Workers didn’t have the chance to get to the shelter, Nova Poshta press office informed. The company declared the day of mourning on October 22. 

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