UKRAINE, Apr 3 — During March 2024, the Russian army hit Ukraine with 400 missiles of various types, more than 600 “Shaheds,” and over 3,000 guided aerial bombs, reported the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

According to Zelenskyy, Russia “hits frontline territories and borderline communities with particular cruelty.” The President also mentioned Kharkiv, which constantly endures missile strikes and is now a target for aerial bombs. 

He wrote, “Our Kharkiv, a city with more than a million residents, has been hit with missile and drone strike since the first day of this war. Now, Russian terrorists also use aerial bombs against Kharkiv. It’s daily humiliation and pain, daily losses in the city. The critical infrastructure has been destroyed, the ordinary residential buildings are being ruined daily.” 

Zelenskyy urged international partners to transfer “reliable air defense systems” to Ukraine. 

Rustem Umierov, Ukrainian Minister of Defence, reported earlier that since the beginning of 2024, only 3% of Russian missiles attacking Ukraine hit military targets. Another 97% hit civilian infrastructure. He added that 712 out of 1804 civilian victims confirmed by the UN during the last three months were harmed by missile strikes and loitering munitions [kamikaze drone strikes — ed.]

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