UKRAINE, Feb 20 — 85% of Ukrainians are confident in Ukrainian victory in the war with Russia. 15% expressed doubts about the victory. These are the results of a survey conducted by Rating sociological group. 

“The important condition for Ukrainian victory is international support, with only 19% of respondents believing the Ukrainian victory is possible without international aid. Respectively, 79% are not sure that it’s possible to win without the support of the West,” Rating states. 

According to the survey’s data, the number of people who have absolute confidence in Ukrainian victory dropped from 71% to 42% during the past six months. At the same time, the number of those who don’t believe in victory at all increased (from 3% in the last June to 15% now). 

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Among older people, the number of those who were totally sure of Ukrainian victory is higher, as well as among people with relatives on the frontline. Among respondents aged 18–35, 31% are sure Ukraine will win; among those older than 51, 50% believe so. 

31% believe that, for Ukraine to defeat Russia, half a year or less is needed. But, more often (39%), people believe more than a year is needed to secure victory. The latter opinion became more common compared to June 2023 (25% of Ukrainians thought the same back then). 

The most necessary thing for Ukrainian victory, Ukrainians believe, is weapons. 46% of Ukrainians agreed with this statement. In the second place, a lot of people (34%) placed the necessity to beat corruption. Respondents who weren’t sure about the Ukrainian victory often picked this option.   

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