KHARKIV OBLAST, Feb 19 — In 2023, exports of goods in Kharkiv Oblast totaled $778 million, while imports amounted to $1.544 billion, according to the Main Department of Statistics in the region.

Compared to the previous year, exports decreased by 11.6%, and imports increased by 23.3%. Ukraine conducted foreign trade operations with partners from 151 countries.

Top export products in the Kharkiv region:

  • products of plant origin — 31.1% of exports;
  • machinery, equipment and mechanisms, electrical equipment — 15.0%;
  • fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin — 13.7%;
  • prepared foods — 11.2%.

Goods imported to the region:

  • machinery, equipment and mechanisms, electrical equipment – 21.6%;
  • polymeric materials, plastics, and products made of them – 15.5%;
  • mineral products – 12.3%;
  • products of chemical and related industries – 10.5%.

According to the Ministry of Economy, in 2023, the export of goods in Ukraine increased, but in value terms, the indicator fell by $35.8 billion. Imports, on the other hand, increased. Exports increased by 112,000 tonnes compared to 2022 and totaled almost 100 million tons of goods.

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In 2023, the Ukrainian economy lost revenue in most export articles. For example, the volume of corn exports (the most massive article of export in Ukraine), increased  by 5%, but brought in 16.8% less in money in 2023 than a year earlier. Last year, Ukraine exported 26.2 million tons of this grain crop.