KHARKIV OBLAST, Feb 28 — The Security Service of Ukraine has identified three Russian soldiers suspected of killing a civilian during the occupation of the Kharkiv Oblast in spring 2022.

Vladyslav Abdula, a spokesman for the Security Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv Oblast, reported this on Facebook.

According to the investigation, soldiers of the 6th Separate Tank Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces, Ramazan Omarov, Alkhas Rasulov, and Razhab Nasrydynov, tracked down and killed a farm security guard in the village of Makarove, Bohodukhiv district, in May. The reason for the murder was the victim’s remark about Russians’ aggressive behavior towards cattle.

“The attackers [Russians] broke into a local farm. To demonstrate their boldness, the criminals started shooting in the direction of a herd of cattle. At the time, a security guard was on the farm and commented on the men about their behavior. The criminals decided to take revenge on the man for his insubordination. Two days later, they tracked down the guard on his way to work, and Omarov shot him twice. At that time, his two accomplices [Russian soldiers] made sure that there were no witnesses to their atrocity,” the statement said.

Two men have been served in absentia notices of suspicion of violation of the laws and customs of war committed by a group of persons over the murder. Ramazan Omarov is suspected of violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder committed by a group of persons.

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