KHARKIV OBLAST, UKRAINE, Apr 18 — SBU detained a 59-year-old school bus driver from Kozacha Lopana, Derhachi community, on suspicion of collaborating with the Russian military, reported Vladyslav Abdula, a spokesman for the Security Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv Oblast.

According to the investigation, after the capture of the community, the man offered to help the Russian military in the war against Ukraine. He drove the troops of the Russian army from the frontline village to Belgorod, Russia, and back on a school bus of the village council, which he parked near his house. 

The man also transported weapons and ammunition from the aggressor country for the Russian occupation groups fighting near Kharkiv.

As the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported, since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, more than 1,000 people in the Kharkiv Oblast have been served with a notice of suspicion in proceedings over treason, collaboration, and dissemination of information about the movement of the Armed Forces.

The SBU also noted that the man repainted a school bus green and drew Russian symbols on it. When Russian troops were withdrawing during the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kharkiv Oblast, they took the bus from the man to take their people and weapons away.

After the district’s deoccupation, the man hid in a neighboring village. The SBU detained him. The man was notified of suspicion of aiding the Russian aggressor state. He aces up to 12 years in prison.

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  • The SBU detained a woman who, according to their data, worked at the Russian post office of Rosposhta, which operated during the occupation of Izium in Kharkiv Oblast, reported Vladyslav Abdula, a spokesperson for the Security Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv Oblast.