UKRAINE, Apr 18 — In Ukraine, the Russian armed aggression has killed 543 children and injured more than 1,296, reported the Office of the Prosecutor General.

In the Kharkiv oblast, the Russian aggression has affected 346 children. The Kharkiv Oblast is the second among Ukrainian regions in terms of the number of children affected by the war. Most children were killed or injured in the Donetsk region — 529.

On April 11, because of the threat of Russian shelling, the Regional Defense Council decided to forcibly evacuate families with children in 47 frontline settlements of the Kharkiv Oblast.

Kharkiv Governor Oleh Syniehubov reported that Russians attacked the region with various weapons — missiles, glide bombs, and drones — 1,500 times since the beginning of 2024.

They exploit the lack of air defense and shell hunger in the region, which is largely a consequence of Republicans blocking a military aid package for Ukraine in the U.S. Congress since the autumn of 2023.

On April 17, Speaker Mike Johnson announced that he’ll put the long-term aid of $60.84 billion to Ukraine (along with assistance for Israel and Taiwan) to a vote on April 20. $23.2 billion from the Ukraine assistance package will be used to replenish U.S. weapons, stocks, and facilities.

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