On the morning of July 20, Russian forces shelled Vovchansk in the Chuhuiv district.

A 40-year-old civilian man died as a result of the shelling.

Emergency services are currently on site. Information on the number of victims is being clarified.

During the past day, the enemy fired mortars, barrel and rocket artillery, and other weapons at 12 towns and villages of Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv, Kupiansk, and Chuhuiv districts.

Vovchansk was shelled several times on July 19. At least four private residential buildings and commercial buildings were damaged, and the shelling caused fires.

At least 11 private residential buildings were damaged in Kupiansk by shelling with the Tulip self-propelled mortar.

Moreover, the enemy shelled the outskirts of the villages of Ivashki and Odnorobivka of the Bohodukhiv district, the settlements of Dvorichna, Zapadne, and Synkivka of the Kupiansk district, Kozacha Lopan, and Strilecha of the Kharkiv district.

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