KHARKIV, UKRAINE, Apr 04 — The Russian attack on Kharkiv left about 350,000 customers in the city and the oblast without electricity, reported the Ministry of Energy.

Over the past day, the city applied hourly blackout schedules. About 100,000 customers were without electricity.

Starting from 01:16 a.m., Russia launched a Shahed drone attack on Kharkiv, reports Oleh Syniehubov. According to him, Russia attacked the city with at least 15 drones. Ukrainian air defense forces downed some of them. 

The Russian army hit the Novobavarskyi, Slobidskyi, and Saltivskyi districts of the city. Four people were killed, and 12 others sustained injuries of varying degrees: three people have severe injuries, and five have moderate injuries, the rest — light.

In the Novobavarskyi district of Kharkiv, the drone strike damaged a residential apartment building. The attack also damaged shops, trade pavilions, pharmacies, cars, a medical facility, etc. After the first responders arrived at the hit site, Russia hit the area with another drone attack in a double-tap attack, killing three workers of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service. 

Another Russian drone attacked a high-rise building in the same district, killing a 69-year-old woman and destroying balconies of the upper stories in the building, glassings, and other construction elements. 

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office also confirmed that the energy facilities of the Kharkiv region were among the targets of the attack. Part of Kharkiv is currently without power.

UPD from Apr 4, 3:45 p.m: Mistranslations in the title fixed.

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