The Russian troops advance in the Kupiansk district. In other parts of the frontline in this direction, they are keeping to the static defense.

The Russian advance in the Kupiansk sector is localized, stated Vadym Skibitskyi, Deputy Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, in a comment to Financial Times

“The operations Russia is conducting are not strategic military theater, only localized attacks,” Skibitskyi said. 

According to him, Russian troops advance in the Kupiansk direction only. In other regions along the fortified frontline, they maintain static defense. 

Earlier, the ISW confirmed the Russian army’s advance east of Kupiansk. Geolocation data shows these movements in the districts of Olyanka and Mykolaivka east of Kupiansk. Russia’s primary goal is to occupy the rest of Luhansk Oblast and move westward into the eastern part of Kharkiv and the northern part of Donetsk Oblasts. 

Hanna Malyar, Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister, said there had been fewer shelling and attacks in the Kupiansk direction due to the powerful defense of Ukrainian troops. The AFU caused the Russian army significant losses during the latter’s attempt to form an offense in the Kupiansk and Lyman directions. Right now, the Russian military is regrouping. 

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Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander of Ground Forces, said the Russian troops attempt to block and seize Kupiansk daily. The Russian assault units in action comprise mainly recruited convicts. The Ukrainian army works to strengthen the defense of their positions and Kupiansk itself. 

The ISW confirmed a slight Russian army advance in the Kupiansk direction. The latest Institute for the Study of War notes that Russian troops have occupied a line from Synkivka to Petropavlivka that stretches 7-8 km from Kupiansk — and plan to move deeper further west. 

Four hundred thirty-six people, including 128 children, have been evacuated from Kupyansk district. They are encouraged to find housing through the Shelter program free of charge.