UKRAINE, KHARKIV OBLAST, Jul 8 — Last night, on July 7, a car hit a Russian mine near the village of Tsyrkuny in the Kharkiv region, killing at least four people, including a child, reported the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Kharkiv Oblast is one of the most heavily mined regions. More than 570,000 hectares of land in the Kharkiv region need to be inspected for mines and explosive devices after the Russian occupation. About 1.2 million hectares are considered to be contaminated. 

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, there were six people in the car who were returning from their summer cottage to Kharkiv. The prosecutors identified the bodies of three victims: a man, a woman aged about 40-50 years, and a boy aged five or six years. They also found the body of a baby.

“Further search for bodies and identification of persons is ongoing. Investigators and rescuers are working at the scene of the tragedy,” wrote Kharkiv Oblast Governor Oleh Syniehubov.

Since the start of the full-scale war, pyrotechnic units of Ukraine’s State Emergency Service have inspected about 7,000 hectares of the Kharkiv region and found and defused more than 94,000 explosive devices.

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  • On the morning of June 24, a car hit a Russian anti-tank mine in the village of Slobozhanske in the Lyptsi community in the Kharkiv region. Two people were in the car, reported Oleh Syniehubov, Kharkiv Oblast Governor. They were killed in an explosion.