Day 569 of Russia’s large-scale armed aggression against Ukraine continues. Russian troops conducted an air strike near Kotlyarivka in Kupyansk direction. The General Staff reported this in an evening update.

Kotliarivka in Kharkiv Oblast / Map:

Hatyshche, Pletenivka and Vovchanski Khutory in Kharkiv region came under Russian artillery and mortar fire in the Slobozhanskyi direction. The Russian army maintains a military presence in the border areas.

Artillery and mortar shelling in the Kupyansk sector targeted Dvorichna, Masiutivka, Synkivka, Petropavlivka, Ivanivka and Kyslivka in Kharkiv region.

The situation in eastern and southern Ukraine is still difficult.

There were 17 combat engagements within the day.


Russian army is gathering forces in Kupyansk and Lyman directions, presumably for further operations — ISW. Russia’s primary effort is to capture the remainder of Luhansk Oblast and push westward into eastern Kharkiv Oblast and northern Donetsk Oblast.

“Meat assaults” have stopped: Russian army changed tactics in the Kupiansk direction. While Russians kept up their offensive on the Kupiansk axis, their troops changed tactics and stopped the “meat assaults.” Now, they’re actively hitting Ukrainian positions with artillery and aviation. Illia Yevlash, a spokesman for OC East of the AFU, discussed this in the ether of the national telethon on September 15.