In December 2022, the perinatal center resumed the work of all departments, Kharkiv Regional Military Administration reports.

The center provides medical assistance to pregnant women, women in labor, and newborns who have disorders and need special treatment.

The head of the institution, Iryna Kondratova, said that with the beginning of hostilities, babies had to be delivered and operated in the room on the first floor. About 300 children were born in the institution in three months.

One of the most serious problems was the lack of electricity. So that the babies who were in the intensive care units in the “incubators” could survive, the staff had to manually control the temperature and oxygen supply.

Currently, nine departments of the center have resumed operation, three of which are for newborns. The institution has a sufficient number of generators, a system of uninterrupted power supply has been created, and barrels of 200-250 liters for accumulating supplies of technical water have been purchased.

Today, the institution has the necessary “incubators”, children’s operating tables, and other medical equipment, emphasizes Kondratova.

The head of the Kharkiv Regional Perinatal Center was included in the list of “100 women of 2022” according to the BBC. Although Kondratova notes that this recognition can definitely be shared with her colleagues who remained at their workplaces during the first, most difficult days of the full-scale war.

Earlier, four modern beds for patients with burn injuries were handed over to one of the hospitals in Kharkiv Oblast. They will be used to treat Ukrainian defenders.