KHARKIV OBLAST, Feb 7 — In a village in the Kharkiv Region, pyrotechnicians defused two Russian FAB-250 bombs and took them to a safe place for destruction, the Kharkiv Police press service reported.

According to law enforcement, a Russian aircraft launched one of the FAB-250 guided bombs, which damaged a private house and fell in the yard. The other landed in a field on the outskirts of the village.

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“Every guided bomb like this one contains 250 kg of explosives and can destroy a multi-story building,” the statement said.

The FAB-250 is a 250-kilogram general-purpose Soviet aerial bomb. It destroys a wide range of targets, including buildings, structures, military equipment, and personnel. The Soviet army developed the bomb in the 1930s and put it into service in 1937. The military used the FAB-250 bomb in World War II and further military conflicts. The FAB-250 has a cylindrical body made of steel. The bomb contains a contact fuze that is triggered when it hits the ground.