President Volodymyr Zelenskyy proposes that the Verkhovna Rada officially recognize the status of English as one of the languages of international communication in Ukraine.

The corresponding draft law No. 9432 “On the Use of English in Ukraine” was registered in parliament on June 28.

Thus, the draft law provides for the official consolidation of the status of English as one of the languages of international communication in Ukraine, defines the categories of positions for which candidates are required to speak English, and regulates the specifics of the use of English in the work of state authorities, authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local governments, emergency assistance units, when crossing the state border, in the fields of education, culture, transport, health care, etc.

The President submitted this draft law to the Parliament on June 28, the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

If passed, the law will require English language skills for those applying for positions in the following categories:

  • Civil service category “A”;
  • Civil service of categories B and C, the list of which is to be established by the Cabinet of Ministers;
  • Heads of local state administrations and their deputies;
  • Military officers serving under contract (the Cabinet of Ministers establishes the list);
  • Middle and senior police officers, chiefs of other law enforcement agencies and civil protection services (the government sets the list);
  • Prosecutors;
  • Employees of customs and tax authorities (the Cabinet of Ministers establishes the list);
  • Managers of public sector entities (the Cabinet of Ministers determines the list).
  • The requirement to speak English may also be imposed in local bodies if the position involves international cooperation (except for elected positions).

The required level of English language proficiency for persons wishing to become civil servants will be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. The relevant requirements will be developed taking into account the recommendations of the Council of Europe on language education. NATO standard STANAG 6001 will also apply to military personnel.

However, the requirement to speak English does not apply to military personnel and law enforcement officers during martial law and mobilization.

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