UKRAINE, Apr 29 — The Latvian donor Latvenergo has handed over humanitarian aid to Ukraine with a total weight of over 325 tons, including a 250 MVA transformer and 60 tons of transformer oil, reported the Ministry of Energy.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service helped deliver the cargo and the European Union covered the transportation costs.

“Due to the massive Russian attacks, high-voltage equipment at our energy facilities was damaged. We use every opportunity to restore the power grid, including used equipment. The assistance provided by our Latvian partners is extremely important, and we thank Latvia for this support,” said Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko.

Since March 2022, Latvia has handed over 25 humanitarian shipments of power equipment to Ukraine, totaling over 512 tonnes. The equipment received includes 70 transformers of various capacities, specialized machinery, and other equipment required for repairs.

In total, Ukraine has received 1,110 cargoes of power equipment weighing about 15,300 tonnes from donors from 36 countries. The geography of the distributed aid covers the entire territory of Ukraine. The bulk of the equipment is being sent to the frontline regions.

Russian attack on Kharkiv in March 2024 effectively destroyed all power and heating infrastructure supplying the city and Kharkiv Oblast. Both Kharkiv and its region are currently supplied with electricity from other Ukrainian regions. Currently, about 207,000 homes in the Kharkiv region are without power due to Russian missile strikes.

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