KHARKIV, UKRAINE, Jan 26 — Kharkiv residents donated more than 500 packages of warm clothes for people who were injured in the Russian shelling of the city on January 23.

The citizens brought their belongings to the safe space “Zatyshno space” [a network of safe spaces for women and girls — ed.] of the Charitable Foundation “Vostok SOS”.

The team of the Charitable Foundation reported on this.

The team of the “Vostok SOS” stopped collecting clothes, and the “Zatyshno space” team sent all the warm clothes to the “Yellow Help” Charity Foundation at Hromadianska Street, 11, which accommodates the victims.

On January 23, the Russian military attacked Kharkiv three times. The shelling damaged multi-story buildings in the Kyivskyi and Saltivskyi districts. Many people were left homeless.

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“Vostok SOS” has been helping victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine since 2014. Psychologists, social workers, and lawyers provide comprehensive assistance with evacuation and stabilizing the psycho-emotional state, renewing documents, and finding a place to live with proper care.

Since February 24, 2022, the Foundation’s teams have rescued more than 80,000 people from the frontline areas, including 10,000 people with mobility issues.