Yuliya Lapshyna from Kharkiv became one of the three winners in the Art Battle Manchester competition, which took place on February 3 in the UK — Radio Liberty.

In 2019, she has already won this competition. This year, Yulia was invited to the anniversary “battle” of artists. In preparation for it, she chose the topic of the war in Ukraine. The artwork was called STOP WAR.

“I practiced for a month, improving my skills. All participants were given blank canvases of the same size. And you had 30 minutes to paint a picture. The contest was held in two rounds, with 5 artists participating in each round. I was not so much interested in winning, but in attracting attention to the war in Ukraine,” Yulia Lapshyna says.

The competition was held in a large arena, with many spectators watching. The artist painted a girl’s face against a blue and yellow flag.

After the event, an auction was held, so she hopes that the work will be purchased and the money will be donated to Ukrainians.

Art Battle Manchester is a competition for artists started by a British couple in 2013. The idea is to bring artists to the stage and make the creative process more spectacular, i.e. to limit the time and invite the audience.

Yuliya Lapshyna was born and grew up in Kharkiv. She first studied at an art school for children there and then completed a master’s course at the University of Bath Graduate School of Architecture in the UK. The artist likes to paint portraits and landscapes. She has many works depicting Kharkiv.