The robot can transport anti-tank mines or combat modules to blow up Russian tanks or dugouts. 

Ukrainian developers Brave1 created a kamikaze robot for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It can remotely mine targets on the ground and destroy military equipment and personnel of the Russian army. The Minister of Digital Transformation, Myhailo Fedorov, reported on this. 

Ratel S is a ground combat robot [created] by Ukrainian developers. Soldiers use it like a mobile warhead carrying an anti-tank mine or a combat module. Thanks to this technology, an operator can blow up the adversary’s tank or a dugout from a safe place,” he says. 

The robot’s maximum speed is 24 km/hour, and it can move 6 km from the control center. Also, it can work up to two hours without charging. Ratel S successfully passed the field tests, and now it’s put into mass production. 

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