They’ll fight Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) day and night. 

Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service created a special group of fighters to combat adversary drones. The fighters’ task is to protect Ukrainian personnel or important objects, — and disrupt and destroy UAVs flying from Russian-controlled territory into Ukraine. Border guard services reported about the initiative. 

Drone hunters have the necessary equipment and weapons: machine guns, anti-drone rifles, thermal imagers, searchlights, laser targeting devices, etc. These groups can act stationary but also hunt the Russian drones on cross-country cars. 

“Earlier, during night time, targeting and destruction of UAVs were conducted by [searching] for their engine noise, but now we’ve modernized our machine guns with laser targeting devices that simplify finding a target and destroying it,” says the machine gunner of the Kramatorsk border squad with a “Mark” pseudo. 

Also, to find aerial targets in the night sky, border guards use powerful projectors provided by volunteers. 

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