UKRAINE, KHARKIV OBLAST, June 10 —  Russian troops reportedly occupied the village of Hlyboke, located north of Lyptsi, Kharkiv region, reported the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) on June 8, referring to geolocation data. Gwara Media couldn’t confirm this information at the time of publication of this article.

On May 10, Russia launched a new ground offensive north and northeast of the Kharkiv region, in the Vovchansk and Lyptsi directions. Russia’s primary goal in a new offensive would be to stretch Ukrainian troops and resources and force Ukraine to redistribute manpower and military equipment along the frontline.  

According to the ISW, geolocation footage posted on June 7 showed that Russian troops had advanced towards southern Hlyboke and had probably captured the village. 

On June 8, a Russian blogger said that Ukrainian troops had conducted a successful counterattack and reached the outskirts of Hlyboke, but another Russian millblogger denied the claim.

As Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his evening address on June 8, Russia failed to execute their Kharkiv operation. Ukrainian troops continue to strengthen their positions in the directions.

As reported by the General Staff, Russian troops attacked Ukrainian units five times near Vovchansk, Lyptsi, and west of Hlyboke in the Kharkiv region over the past day.

The situation remained unchanged in the Kupiansk and Lyman directions (Donetsk region), according to the General Staff. The Russian assaults were unsuccessful, and the situation is under control. Two combat clashes are ongoing near Pishchane and Hrekivka.

Oleh Syniehubov, Kharkiv Oblast Governor, said on Ukrainian TV that the Russians continue to regroup and try to advance deeper into the region despite the decline in activity on the frontline.

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  • There have been four combat engagements in the Kupiansk direction since the beginning of the day. There were no assaults on the Kharkiv axis, reported the General Staff.