Kharkiv resident ʼearnedʼ about 150,000 UAH / $4,060 on fake volunteering.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he told people he was remotely organizing transport from military action zone in Kharkiv Oblast, delivering food, medicine, fuel, and selling generators. And when the victims sent money, expecting help, he disappeared.

Source: Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

“People in challenging situations due to the war transferred money to the fraudster’s bank account without receiving any help,” the statement said.

The man “earned” about UAH 150,000 / $4,060 on fake volunteering. The local has now been detained and faces up to three years in prison. He will be tried in Kharkiv.

The Kharkiv Region Prosecutor’s Office approved and sent to court an indictment against a 45-year-old man on the fact of repeated fraud (parts 1, 2 Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Fraud

1. Taking possession of somebody else’s property or obtaining the property title by deceit or breach of confidence (fraud)

  • shall be punishable by a fine of two thousand to three thousand tax-free minimum incomes, or community service for a term of two hundred to two hundred and forty hours, or correctional labour for a term of up to two years, or restriction of liberty for a term of up to three years.

2. Fraud, if repeated, or committed by a group of persons upon their prior conspiracy, or where it caused substantial damage to the victim

  • shall be punishable by a fine of three thousand to four thousand tax-free minimum incomes or correctional labour for a term of one to two years, or restriction of liberty for a term of up to five years, or imprisonment for a term of up to three years.

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