UKRAINE, Apr 15 — The Global Survivors Fund will pay €3,000 to 500 victims of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV), announced Dmytro Lubinets, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Global Survivors Fund plans to collect data from the victims and then identify whether their testimonies are true and whether these cases meet the criteria for CRSV. If so, 500 victims will receive a payment. The Fund promises complete confidentiality.

In March, Olena Zelenska reported that as of March 4, the Office of the Prosecutor General was investigating 274 criminal proceedings for wartime sexual violence.

“The documented number of victims is only a part of the real situation, as this crime [sexual violence] is most often concealed due to shame, fear, the risk of being judged, and other social and psychological problems of the victims,” said Dmytro Lubinets.

The Global Survivors Fund was established in October 2019 to help victims of the CRSV receive reparations. The Fund provides interim reparations measures when states or other parties are unable or unwilling to fulfill their obligations. In particular, the team provides expert and technical support in developing reparations programs.

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  • Our piece on sexual violence as a war crime:Russian soldier raped me.” The real scale of the Russian sexual violence is unknown. Survivors often don’t want to report the rape or come to the police. 
  • Prosecutor’s Office has documented more than 124,000 war crimes committed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, which led to the damage or destruction of more than 150,000 civilian objects.