UKRAINE, June 24 — Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba emphasized the need to accelerate military assistance to Ukraine, particularly air defense, and expand defense production, he said in a speech at the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

“I emphasized the need to expedite military aid deliveries, especially air defense, and expand defense industrial output. We can and must defeat Russian aggression on Ukrainian soil to ensure long-term peace and stability throughout Europe,” Dmytro Kuleba said.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukraine has received Patriot defense systems from the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. Patriot systems can effectively shoot down various types of Russian missiles, including ballistic and cruise missiles. 

On June 11, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced that Ukraine will receive an additional 100 missiles from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark for the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system.

The German Defense Minister also said that the new €700 million military aid package includes reconnaissance and attack drones, small arms and sniper weapons, and rocket-propelled grenades.

On June 20, Romania’s Supreme Defense Council, chaired by President Klaus Iohannis, also decided to transfer its Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.

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  • General Arnoud Stallmann, a Dutch Air Force commander, said he expects F-16 jets to fly over Ukraine this summer in an interview with The Guardian published on June 20.