The Vovchansk community of Kharkiv region has announced a forced evacuation of children.

  • This was announced by the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, during a telethon on the United News.

According to him, the threat of shelling remains around the clock in Vovchansk. Russian troops are shelling with artillery, aircraft and mortars.

“We have announced the forced evacuation of children from some settlements of this territorial community. People do not want to leave. For us, the safety of people and children comes first, and we have to take action. We have to evacuate 217 children from these territories, 43 have been evacuated as of this morning,” Syniehubov said.

Consequences of the missile attack in Vovchansk / Photo: State Emergency Service in Kharkiv Oblast,

The head of the Vovchansk military administration, Tamaz Gambarashvili, added on the air of Ukrainian Radio Kharkiv that the forced evacuation of children will be carried out from Vovchansk and four neighborhoods.

Aftermath of shelling of Vovchansk community in Kharkiv region / Photo: Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Overall, 194 children need to be evacuated, 144 living in the private sector of Vovchansk.

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