FAKE. Biden Buys Books at Dementia Care Center

Denys Glushko - 26 July 2023 | 17:45

Manipulating the topic of Biden’s mental health is a famous thesis of Russian propaganda. Fake newsmakers constantly try to portray him as a person with mental disabilities. To refute the attempt to discredit the US President, read our story.

What happened?

The Telegram channel “Actually in Kharkiv” published a video of the US President in a store buying books with instructions on how to deal with dementia. The authors are also surprised by the amount of books Biden bought.


In fact, the fake newsmakers used a video from a decade ago. On the CBC News YouTube channel, we found a video titled “Biden shops at Costco for the holidays”.

The video shows then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visiting a Costco store in northeast Washington, D.C., to buy the goods he needed, including books. There is no sign of dementia in the original video. It was added in post-processing.

Conclusion: this is a fake judgment.

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