UKRAINE, Mar 9 — 59 Ukrainians and their families returned from Gaza to Egypt, reported the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel.

In total, 15 children, 37 women, and eight men were evacuated.

“Thanks to the efforts of representatives of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and diplomats of the Ukrainian embassies in Israel and Egypt, the evacuation was successful. The citizens were accommodated in a hotel in Egypt and will be transported to Ukraine soon,” reported the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel.

About the Israel–HAMAS war

On the morning of October 7, Gaza attacked Israel. The military from the radical Palestinian group HAMAS attacked the central and southern regions of Israel, firing, according to their data, five thousand missiles. According to local media, HAMAS killed more than 150 people and injured another 1,100.

On October 16, the second evacuation flight from Israel to Romania with 155 Ukrainian citizens took off from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Among them are 107 women and 23 children. A total of 262 Ukrainians have been evacuated since the beginning of the HAMAS attacks on Israel.

Citizens of Ukraine and other countries could not be evacuated from the Gaza Strip, as parties involved refused to allow them to cross the border.

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