Croatia became the 30th country to adopt the resolution recognizing the Holodomor as the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The Croatian government supported the recognition of the Holodomor of 1932-33 as genocide against Ukrainians.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Zdenko Lucić said that with the proposed declaration, the Croatian Parliament recognizes that the Holodomor was a man-made famine that was planned and organized by the communist Stalinist regime in Ukraine in the period 1932-1933 as a crime of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Moreover, on June 15, 2023, a roundtable dedicated to “Holodomor – Genocide of the Ukrainian People” took place in the Croatian Parliament. The event was attended by Ambassador of Ukraine Vasyl Kyrylych, President of the Croatian-Ukrainian Society Juro Vidmarovych, President of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Ivan Zvonimir Čičak, President of the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Society Kobzar Zagreb Slavko Burda and President of the Slovenian Cultural Society Kyiv-Ljubljana Andrii Khevka.

“The genocide committed by the communist Soviet regime against the Ukrainian people from 1932 to 1933 is often called the terror of hunger, with the help of which the communist regime systematically and deliberately starved millions of innocent Ukrainians,” the message reads.

Croatia became the 30th country to officially recognize the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people. On Dec. 15, 2022, the Holodomor was recognized by the European Parliament. Later, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Iceland joined it. France, Great Britain, and Slovenia also supported this decision in May. And in June, Luxembourg adopted the relevant resolution.

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