Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, YouControl has added 1,895 sanctions records against 919 companies in Ukraine. Last year, 29 Ukrainian companies were directly affected by sanctions imposed by Ukraine (National Security and Defence Council) and the United States.

It is stated in the study of analysts of the R&D centre YouControl, who analysed the lists of 7 countries for 16 months of the war: Ukraine, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and EU countries.

The analysts identified the main economic sectors and geographical locations of the sanctioned companies in Ukraine. It established the connection of the sanctioned companies with financial and industrial groups and Russian oligarchs.

About 4% of companies are involved in financial and insurance activities. Among them are two banks with Russian co-owners.

According to the research, 26% of the companies in the study sample are registered in Kyiv, 18.5% – in Crimea, slightly more than 17% – in Donetsk region, 11.1% – in Luhansk region, and 6.5% – in Zaporizhzhia region.

The largest number of companies with records of sanctions restrictions operate in the field of “Provision of other services” (145), which includes activities of public and political organizations and trade unions. Just over 15% operate in the wholesale and retail trade or repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. The real estate and construction sectors account for 8.8% and 5.7% of companies, respectively. Another 8% are involved in the manufacturing industry, and 6.9% in information and telecommunications. In addition, about 7% are engaged in professional, scientific and technical activities.

Of the 303 companies sanctioned in the year of the full-scale invasion, 63 are part of financial and industrial groups. Some companies belong to several groups at the same time.

39 companies that are part of the financial and industrial groups and were added to the sanctions list belong to the Lebedev Family Group, whose key people are former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Pavlo Lebedev and his daughter Alyona Lebedeva, founder of the diversified industrial and investment group Aurum Group. The main areas of activity are machine building, rail freight transportation, industrial pump building, chemical industry, real estate investments and agricultural sector.

29 companies belong to Viktor Medvedchuk’s group. Restrictive measures were imposed on legal entities from this group because Oksana Marchenko, the wife of former MP and leader of the banned Opposition Platform for Life party Viktor Medvedchuk, was included in the sanctions lists of the National Security and Defense Council and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is the only foreign country to add Oksana Marchenko to the sanctions list.

“Cooperation with sanctioned entities carries significant risks for any business. Firstly, it is the risk of limiting or completely banning banking transactions with such entities. In addition, under certain conditions, cooperation with sanctioned entities and individuals may attract the attention of law enforcement agencies, which in turn may lead to investigations, searches, and lawsuits. Such events will not only slow down the company’s operations but also negatively affect its development and reputation. In this regard, we advise you to constantly check and monitor potential and current counterparties for sanctions, which is conveniently done using the monitoring function in the YouControl system” Head of the Legal Department at YouControl Nadiia Chalenko notes.

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