Since February 24, 2022, the Ukrainian Defence Forces have shot down 1709 missiles of various types, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

  • X-101/555/55 – 1360 launched, 1045 destroyed;
  • “Kalibr – 834 launched, 397 destroyed;
  • “Iskander-K – 154 launched, 62 destroyed;
  • Shahed-136/131 strike UAVs – 3940 launched, 3095 destroyed.

In early 2023, Ukraine received first Patriot and the ability to destroy ballistic missiles. To date, the defence forces have already shot down 15 X-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles and dozens of enemy ballistic missiles. Additional systems that can intercept ballistic missiles are in the pipeline.

Since the beginning of the invasion, 329 Russian aircraft and 324 helicopters have been downed.

During this time, the Air Force aviation has flown more than 16,000 missions:

  • 7,600 – for military strikes;
  • 8,600 – for air cover.

“By inflicting painful strikes on adversary military installations, air defence systems, manpower and equipment, Ukrainian pilots are most eager to do their job even more effectively next year. In 2024, we will receive Western aircraft, more bombs and missiles made in the USA, UK and France. This will help us fight the enemy, liberate our land, and clear our skies and sea of Russian junk,” the Air Force Commander added.

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