Summing up the passing year, Deepstatemap researchers estimated how much territory Ukraine had to lose temporarily and how much it had to liberate.

“It is essential to understand that almost all of Ukraine’s gains have been made since the beginning of the summer counter-offensive. And the adversary’s main gains are Soledar and Bakhmut, respectively. We have the following figures: 395 km² have been liberated, and the enemy has occupied 683 km², Deepstatemap researchers added.

Liberated settlements in 2023: villages – Robotyne, Pyatikhatky, Rivne, Novodarivka, Neskuchne, Blahodatne, Storozhove, Makarivka, Staromayorske, Andriivka, Klishchiyivka; town – Urozhayne.

Occupied settlements in 2023: villages – Dorozhnyanka, Luhivske, Kamyanka, Vesele, Krasnohorivka, Novobakhmutivka, Khromove, Berkhivka, Yahidne, Pidhorodne, Bakhmutske, Blagodatne, Zaliznyanske, Paraskoviivka, Dubove-Vasylivka, Krasnopolivka, Mykolaivka, Sakko and Vanzetti, Serhiivka, Novoselivske, Masiutivka, Hryanivka, Krasna Hora; towns – Mariyinka, Bakhmut, Soledar.

“We are facing a difficult year in every sense in 2024. The enemy has corrected many mistakes this year. We are still lagging behind. In the coming months, a lot will be decided by the fpv drone and methods of fighting it. The strategy announced by the Commander-in-Chief to inflict maximum losses on the enemy is the only correct one. So is saving the lives of our soldiers,” the researchers concluded.

DeepStateMap.Live is an interactive online map of the hostilities in Ukraine that allows you to follow the course of military operations in the Russian-Ukrainian war, the location of Russian units and their movements.

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