Ukrainian military received a pack of five thousand kamikaze drones within an Operation “Unity” project, a collaboration between the UNITED24 initiative and fundraiser of the Come Back Alive foundation and monobank. 

UNITED24 reported that every drone is equipped with ammunition like cumulative shells and high-explosive incendiary. So, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are ready to be utilized in combat against Russians. 

Within this fundraiser, it’s planned to buy 10 thousand UAVs. Ukrainians donated the 235 million for these in three days. The drones will be bought and transported to the military by the Come Back Alive Foundation. 

Note. UNITED24 is President Zelenskyy’s initiative to collect donations in support of Ukraine. Come Back Alive Foundation is a charity that has helped the Ukrainian army since the Russian invasion of 2014. Monobank is a Ukrainian online bank. 

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