FAKE: Kyiv plans to disconnect the occupied Kherson region from Ukrainian mobile operators and Internet service providers.

Such information began to be spread by pro-Russian telegram channels, which referred to a “reliable source from Bankova.” They write that the reason for the shutdown is that the people in the occupation began to tell their loved ones the truth: about the good Russian military.

The disconnection of Ukrainians from mobile operators and providers is part of the occupation’s efforts to infiltrate Russian propaganda into the Ukrainian media space. This is done only by the occupiers, explains the Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

The center also emphasizes that Ukraine is trying to ensure the operation of Ukrainian radio and television broadcasting in the temporarily occupied territories so that Ukrainians can remain in the Ukrainian media space. Russia, on the other side, is trying to spread one-sided Russian propaganda.

Recently, the Russian military cut off mobile communications in Kherson, and the Internet of all operators disappeared. Currently, only the Skynet provider through the Crimea is working, – said the head of the Kherson military-civil administration Hennady Laguta. His adviser, Sergiy Khlan, told the Public that this was not the first attempt by the occupying authorities to block Ukrainian communications and the Internet. 

As of June 3rd, mobile communication has appeared in the Nizhnysirogoz community, partly in the city of Beryslav. Mobile communication is also partially available in the unoccupied territories of the region: in Kochubeivska and Novovorontsovska territorial communities, Hennadiy Laguta reported. Work is underway to restore Ukrainian operators’ communications and the Internet.

Kherson residents are looking for a mobile connection

FAKE: Zelensky bought a residence in Florida with US financial aid to Ukraine

In the English-language segment of Facebook, the information is spread, that Volodymyr Zelensky bought an estate in Florida for $ 35 million, and this is the money that the United States has allocated to help Ukraine.

There is no evidence that Zelensky acquired this property. A reverse search of the images showed that the house “bought” by the President of Ukraine is still up for sale. This fake is aimed at American users to discredit Zelensky in the eyes of the foreign community.

FAKE: Russia does not interfere in the export of Ukrainian grain

As the Ukrainian military mined ports in the Black Sea, Kyiv had logistical problems with grain exports. Such misinformation was broadcast on RT Arabic on May 28, 2022. This statement is not true and is intended to shift Russia’s responsibility for the potential food crisis to Ukraine. Actually, Russian warships are blocking Ukrainian ports and shipping in the Black Sea, thus hindering grain exports. Russia has destroyed significant food supplies, production, processing, and transportation facilities in Ukraine. It continues to block Black Sea trade routes and obstruct food exports.

FAKE: Ukraine suspends social payments in the Kherson region

Russian resources are spreading misinformation that Ukraine has begun preparations for the economic “shutdown” of the Kherson region to free itself from the financial burden.

However, this information is false. The first deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council Yuriy Sobolevsky stated that despite the temporary occupation of the Kherson region, residents continue to receive all social payments.

FAKE: In Shostka  Security Service of Ukraine plans to deploy missile systems HIMARS volley fire to shell the territory of the Russian Federation

Russian media spread rumors from the Russian Defense Ministry that in the Sumy region plans to deploy missile systems HIMARS volley fire to fire on Russian territory. Allegedly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine want to provoke retaliatory fire and then accuse Russia of destroying civilians.

On June 1, US President Joe Biden confirmed that the new US military aid package to Ukraine will include HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and projectiles. Earlier, Biden said that Washington would not supply Ukraine with missiles to hit targets in Russia.

Later Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with Newsmax that Ukraine does not intend to use long-range weapons to attack Russia. Ukrainians need weapons only to protect their territory, he emphasized.

How HIMARS systems look like

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