Experts continue to identify the bodies of those killed by a Russian missile strike on Hroza in the Kupiansk district on October 5. Back then, 51 people died, and six were injured. 

“We continue to identify those who died in the Hroza village. [We’ve already] identified bodies of 49 people, and five people are still considered missing,” reported the head of National Police in Kharkiv oblast Volodymyr Tymoshko. 

Earlier, police reported about four missing people (with two children among them).

Attack on Hroza in Kupiansk district 

Around 13:25 on October 5, the Russian military attacked a café near a grocery shop in a Hroza village of the Kupiansk district. Altogether, 330 residents lived in this village. At least one person from each household has been present at the café. There, people have gathered for reburial and wake for a fallen Ukrainian soldier, reported Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko. 

According to a preliminary investigation, Russians hit the café where 60 people had gathered with the Iskander-M missile. 

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