29 settlements of Dvorichanska and Petropavlivska hromadas are still occupied by Russia. 

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleh Syniehubov, reported about it. 

According to him, up to a thousand people live in the far settlements of Dvorichanska hromada. Petropavivska hromada is almost completely submerged in the combat zone. 

“There are no people in Synkivka and other settlements where the combat is ongoing. There is no untouched civil infrastructure object [there] as well. So, it’d be really hard to rebuild them after liberation,” Syniehubov said. 

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He added that the situation in occupied territories hasn’t changed: cellular networks and electricity still don’t work there.  

Right now, Russian troops are conducting an offensive near Synkivka to seize Kupiansk, the region’s important logistics center. During the Russian occupation in 2022, Russians used Kupiansk to organize supplies for their troops. 

Syniehubov explained that the occupation of Synkivka would allow Russians to move on into the region and create conditions for Kupiansk’s blockade.

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