The Ukrainian railroad company does not use nationalized railcars from Russian and Belarusian Railways in its operations, according to a reply from Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) to a request from Gwara Media.

Late in March 2022, the BEB (Bureau of Economic Security) initiated the nationalization of 400 railway cars owned by Russia and Belarus. At that time, the Bureau found railroad cars in Cherkasy Oblast owned by a Russian railroad company.

In addition, a railway car with electrical equipment (12 traction motors and 12 traction motor anchors) belonging to a Belarusian company was found in the customs control zone of one of the region’s cities.

At the same time, the cost of the railway rolling stock and electrical equipment was assessed, and the list of identified inventory was sent to Ukrzaliznytsia and the Cherkasy Oblast State Administration for a decision on further nationalization.

The DBR (State Bureau of Investigation) reported that in the summer of 2023, the High Anti-Corruption Court imposed sanctions on several commercial entities and their owners. At that time, the state budget received assets worth billions of hryvnias of several Russian oligarchs close to the Kremlin, including the Rotenberg brothers, Oleg Deripaska, Yevgeny Giner, and others.

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