Kharkiv Oblast is third on the list of regions where the fireworks ban has been violated the most. 

The court passed three sentences to people who launched fireworks during the war. Overall, 21 people were sentenced for this offense in Ukraine. Opendatabot reported on this. 

“According to court registry tool Babusia [a tool integrated with Opendatabot, “grandmother” in translation from Ukrainian — ed.], people in Kyiv celebrated with fireworks the most often. They passed five court verdicts. The second place of “anti-top rating” is shared by Dnipro and Odesa Oblasts, each having four cases. Kharkiv Oblast took the third place, with three verdicts passed,” they say. 

In most cases, offenders receive administrative penalties and pay fines from 51 to 34 thousand hryvnias. But there were cases that concluded in prison sentences. 

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Most of these cases occurred in January and August 2023. 57% of cases were classified as administrative, and 43% as criminal. 

Editor’s Note:

Ukrainian law #7438, which prohibits pyrotechnic products, such as fireworks, firecrackers, and salutes, entered into force on November 6. Violation of a prohibition is punished by enforcing fines, community service, or imprisonment. 

Opendatabot is a resource that, in their own words, “provides access to official Ukrainian state data for foreign businesses, enabling comprehensive checks on Ukrainian companies and citizens.”

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