At about 21:30 on December 4, Russians conducted a massive drone strike at Kharkiv Oblast.

Drones hit Borova in the Izium district, damaging the local House of Culture, where a Village Council, Administrative Service Centre, tax service, and a Point of Invincibility* resided. 

Oleksandr Tertyshnyi, the head of the village military administration, told Gwara Media about the strike. 

“After the attack, the House of Culture was 70% destroyed. [Their] hit landed right into my office. Right now, we’re trying to collect what’s survived [the attack] and sort out the debris,” said Tertyshyi. 

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A Russian drone attack also damaged the internet tower in the village and destroyed communications in the House of Culture, which is why, during the night, Borova didn’t have heating and water. Right now, Tertyshnyi said, the communications are restored but debris is still being sorted through. 

*Note: A Point of Invincibility is a safety and humanitarian shelter that works around the clock and provides heat, water, power, first aid kits, and basic supplies for parents and children. They were opened in Ukraine in November 2022, when Russia started to bomb Ukrainian energy infrastructure. 

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