The Security Service of Ukraine’s military counterintelligence, along with the National Police, issued a suspicion notice to a man for fraud. 

The investigation established that this Kharkiv resident defrauded a window of the fallen AFU soldier of $10 thousand. Her husband has died in a so-called gray zone, so his body wasn’t retrieved and transported to his relatives yet. 

According to the SSU, when the man under suspicion found out about the soldier’s death, he started to impersonate an SSU employee and convince the woman that her husband was in Russian captivity. The man explained that money was needed to return her husband home. He said he’ll add the surname of the “captive” on the “first priority” POW exchange. 

The SSU employees detained the man when he was receiving the money from the widow. The investigation to figure out all the circumstances of the crime is still ongoing. The man might face up to eight years in prison. 

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