Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, reports the Russian army continues their offensive in the Kupiansk direction. 

“In the Kupiansk direction, the enemy creates mine-explosive barriers along the border in Belgorod oblast. They look for weaknesses in our defense to break through it.” 

– Hanna Maliar in her Telegram channel 
Kupiansk direction // DeepState Map, Aug. 29

According to Illia Yevlash, the Ukrainian Eastern Grouping of Forces press officer, who spoke live on national telemarathon on August 27, 45,000 Russian troops are attacking in the Kupiansk direction. Yevlash said that, while all propagandist channels are making it seem like Russian victory is imminent, the methods they’re employing in their warfare (e.g., fire barrages) are, in his opinion, questionable and will unlikely lead to their success. 

ISW experts don’t believe Russians have enough material resources and people to increase their offensive in the Kupiansk direction. The UK’s Defence Intelligence says it’s possible

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