UKRAINE, KHARKIV, Apr 10 — Russians shelled the village of Lyptsi in Kharkiv oblast at around 2:00 p.m., killing two women and a 14-year-old girl, reports Ihor Klymenko, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. 

The russian attack also injured a 34-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy; the latter was pulled from under the rubble. Shelling damaged a pharmacy and a shop in the village. 

“These are [more] crimes against civilians, another murder of a child. Destruction of shops, pharmacies, shelling of a bus — [these are acts of] terrorism. And the enemy will answer for it,” Klymenko said. 

Along with Lyptsi, Russians shelled the village of Mala Danylivka at about the same time, hitting an object of “social infrastructure,” according to local authorities. Olexandr Hololobov, the head of Malodanylivska hromada, said no injuries have been reported in a comment to GW. 

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