Russian troops are intensifying their offensive operations northeast of Kupyansk, which is likely intended to divert Ukrainian forces from more strategically important areas of the front.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, Russian offensives along the front line in the Kupyansk area forced Ukrainian forces to flee to Petropavlivka (7km east of Kupyansk).

Key takeaways at Kupyansk direction

  • Russian forces are expected to capture Petropavlivka within the next two days and continue their advance towards Kupyansk. This prediction follows claims by milbloggers that Russian forces have already taken 30 Ukrainian strongholds along a broad front extending from Kupyansk to Kyslivka, southeast of Kupyansk.
  • Another milblogger reported that Russian forces have reached the outskirts of Synkivka, less than 10km away from Ukraine’s advanced defensive lines to the northeast of Kupyansk. However, independent sources have no visual confirmation of these reported Russian advances.
  • Similar claims of Russian progress southwest of Svatove have been made by Russian milbloggers, but these have not been visually confirmed either, despite being several weeks old.
  • The possibility exists that Russian forces are concentrating their offensive efforts on the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line to exploit Ukraine’s attention elsewhere and to divert Ukrainian units from more crucial areas on the front. Ukrainian forces have reportedly reinforced their defenses in the Kupyansk direction, possibly indicating that Russian forces have successfully drawn more Ukrainian troops to the area.
  • Additionally, due to increased Russian shelling and airstrikes, Ukrainian officials have ordered mandatory evacuations for civilians in 53 settlements near Kupyansk, although this move might not necessarily signify anticipation of significant Russian advancements by Ukrainian forces.

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