Russian subordinate main effort #1 – Luhansk Oblast (Russian objective: Capture the remainder of Luhansk Oblast and push westward into eastern Kharkiv Oblast and northern Donetsk Oblast).

According to Institute for the Study of War, Russian forces continued offensive operations northeast of Kupyansk and reportedly advanced on August 10.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks north of Synkivka (8km northeast of Kupyansk) and near Ivanivka (20km southeast of Kupyansk).

Battle map for Luhansk Oblast / Map: ISW

Colonel Serhiy Cherevaty, the Ukrainian Eastern Group of Forces spokesperson, conveyed that Russian troops are actively seeking to gain the upper hand in the Kupyansk direction. He noted that Ukrainian defensive measures have been significantly bolstered in this region over the past few days. In contrast, the Russian Ministry of Defense asserted that assault units from the Russian Western Grouping of Forces have managed to enhance their tactical situation along the front line during their offensive operations in the Kupyansk direction.

Sergey Zybinsky, the spokesperson for the Russian Western Grouping of Forces, declared that elements of the Russian 6th Combined Arms Army (from the Western Military District) have successfully taken control of five Ukrainian strongholds near Vilshana, situated 14 kilometers northeast of Kupyansk. According to Russian military bloggers, Russian forces have taken the initiative in the Kupyansk direction and are presently engaged in offensive actions near Synkivka, Vilshana, and Lyman Pershi, located 11 kilometers northeast of Kupyansk.

One Russian military blogger affirmed that Russian forces have progressed to positions approximately 7 kilometers away from Kupyansk in the Synkivka area. Additionally, they are advancing towards Kamianka (33 kilometers northeast of Kupyansk) and Dvorichna (16 kilometers northeast of Kupyansk). Reports from other Russian military bloggers suggest that Ukrainian forces have retreated from unspecified positions in the Synkivka area, allowing Russian forces to advance as the Ukrainians withdrew toward Kupyansk.

Another account from a Russian military blogger indicated that Russian forces made headway towards Masyutivka (13 kilometers northeast of Kupyansk) between August 8 and 9. Currently, they maintain positions within 4 kilometers of the R-79 highway that connects Kupyansk to Dvorichna. This particular blogger speculated that Russian forces are striving to seize positions along the Synkivka-Petropavlivka-Kucherivka line, extending up to 7 kilometers east of Kupyansk. Their intention appears to be disrupting Ukrainian ground lines of communication (GLOCs) along the R-79 highway, posing a threat to Ukrainian forces stationed in Kupyansk.

Currently, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has not obtained visual confirmation of recent Russian advances in the Kupyansk direction. Currently, they assess that the nearest Russian positions to Kupyansk are approximately 10 kilometers northeast of the settlement.

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