Russian forces continued offensive operations on the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line on November 12 and made confirmed advances, Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported.

Footage with geolocation data, released on November 12, reveals the Russian army has moved to positions west of Serhiivka, which is located 13 km west of Svatove. This video supports Russian assertions that they have taken control of Serhiivka.

A Russian news aggregator claimed that Russian forces advanced near Lyman Pershyi (12km northeast of Kupyansk), Kyslivka (20km southeast of Kupyansk), and Makiivka (22km northwest of Kreminna) on November 11.

Map of the Kupyansk direction / Map: Institute for the Study of War and AEI’s Critical Threats Project

According to Ukrainian General Staff, Russian forces conducted unsuccessful assaults near Synkivka (8km northeast of Kupyansk), Petropavlivka (7km east of Kupyansk), Ivanivka (20km southeast of Kupyansk), Stelmakhivka (15km northwest of Svatove), Nadiya (15km southwest of Svatove), Novoyehorivka (16km southwest of Svatove), and the Serebryanske forest area (11km south of Kreminna) on November 12.

Ukrainian Ground Forces Command Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Volodymyr Fityo stated that Russian forces continued offensive operations in the Kupyansk direction but are regrouping because Russian forces have not achieved strategic successes in the past month of fighting.

The institute quotes a Russian milblogger claiming that Russian forces seized the initiative in the Kupyansk area and surprised Ukrainian forces but have since failed to develop their battlefield successes.

On the other hand Ukrainian forces continued offensive operations on the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line on November 12 and marginally advanced. Geolocated footage published on November 12 shows Ukrainian forces clearing a Russian position south of Pershotravneve (24km east of Kupyansk).

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