UKRAINE, Jan 24 — Russian aggression has destroyed more than 200 schools in the country and damaged 1,600, said Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Andrii Stashkiv at a briefing at the Ukraine—Ukrinform Media Center.

Every seventh school in Ukraine has been damaged, leading to a lack of access to education. About 900,000 children can’t attend school and are studying using remote technologies.

“If we are talking about the destroyed educational infrastructure in Ukraine, more than 200 schools have been destroyed, and more than 1,600 schools have been damaged. If we turn this into relative numbers, it means that every seventh school in Ukraine has been damaged. And this leads to a lack of access to education for children,” the Deputy Minister said.

There will be underground schools in Korotych and Liubotyn in the Kharkiv Oblast. The schools will be completed in January-February 2024, said Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.

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The underground school should accommodate about 500 people, which is the same number of students and teachers at the average local school. In case of an air raid, people from the nearest kindergarten, offices, and other institutions will be able to hide in the shelter.